A charming campsite with character

in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes


We have listed the most frequently asked questions below for your convenience. Should you require further information still, please do not hesitate to contact us!

There is no minimum duration to your stay, one night is perfectly okay. Please be advised that we maintain specific arrival&departure days during high season, these being the Monday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s are resting days, upon which we do not take new arrivals .

Only the accommodations feature specific days for arrival and departure, and only during the high (summer) season. These days are the Monday, Friday and Saturday. Should you wish to extend your stay, we are always willing to make arrangements when possible. Please inform at our front desk for more information on these matters.

Hours of arrival / check-in for tent pitches are between 14:00 and 20:00, departure / check-out before 12:00. Hours of arrival / check-in for accommodations is between 16:00 and 20:00, departure / check-out is before 10:00.

Payment options: direct bank transfer, Ideal-payment, Mister Bancontact. You can pay on site with debit card or credit card (no cash please).

Yes, all discount cards that we partake in are valid in low season. All discount cards offer one fixed night rate based on two persons and one pet, only during low season.

Most certainly you can! We offer a great variety of accommodations such as Chalets, Trekking Cabins and Safari Tents. There is a price range to suit every spender, as well as the option to reserve breakfast and / or dinner for a maximum of 30 persons at our Plymouth Rock bistro. For more information on (large) group bookings, please contact us via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone: +316 15 31 88 04.

We offer space for four camper vans or mobile homes with secure concrete bedding. These are located near the camp site’s entrance. All sanitary and other facilities are close by in the main building. The bedding is made with partially open concrete tiles which allows the grass to grow through, giving your location a natural feel with the security of a solid bedding. There is a care & cleaning station on site, including a water tap and waste deposit facilities. Each camper van space includes 6 ampere of electric power and a sturdy picnic table to enjoy the outdoors.

Of course you can! It is no trouble to accommodate your preferences for a specific location or characteristics (e.g. more private or shaded). Should your desired pitch be unavailable, we gladly offer alternative options for you to choose from. For a preferenced reservation we do surcharge.

Reservations are highly recommended in high season. It happens that we are fully booked during the holiday periods and public holidays. When you check our Search&Book page, you will see real-time availability of tent pitches and accommodations. Still hesitant? Give us a ring at 00352 – 920691 or, if unavailable, at 00316 15 31 88 04.

You will receive your reservation confirmation directly after booking your reservation. About three weeks before your arrival at Val d’Or, we send you the first information e-mail. If you missed it, please check your spam-box or contact us via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Both options are supported at our front desk: cash, debit or credit card, PIN / Vpay-cards.

Pets are always welcome at Val d’Or, but we do surcharge pets during high season. At other seasons you can bring your pet free of charge. We politely ask you to leash your dog and/or take other guests’ comfort into consideration. Our staff will happily direct you to a leash-free zone nearby or any of the many hiking routes. There are free Depo-Dog bags available at the camp site’s entrance for cleaning up after your pet.

We allow dogs in the following accommodations: Holiday Homes, Trekking Cabins, Safari Tents, Chalets and our own Mobile Homes.

We do not allow pets in the following accommodations: the apartment Am Clerve, Barrels, Tiny Houses, Vila Riba, Boussole, Alberta.

Please be advised that we do surcharge for accommodating pets during the high season and maintain a limit of 2 pets per accommodation at all times. We kindly ask you to bring a mat or basket for your pet, instead of having your pet sleep on mattresses or pillows of our accommodation. We kindly ask you to keep other guests’ comfort in mind.

Your visiting guests are certainly welcome at Val d’Or, please do indicate their presence at our front desk. They are free to stay on site until 22:00

Our car-free policy states that you may not park your car on our camp site, instead you may use the private parking lot or park along the main road in Enscherange. You are allowed to bring your car on site on arrival & departure days to (un)load your camping equipment and baggage. For the sake of children playing about and guarantee peace and quiet, we kindly ask you to maintain a maximum speed of 3 miles per hour on site.

All hot water / showers in and around our sanitary building are available to you as a guest without coins or sepkey. There is a push button that allows you to use warm water for 5 minutes and pause twice to soap up. After the 5 minutes of hot water consumption, you can still use cold water. We do ask that you use warm water consciously.

The reception is located at the main building’s entrance, together with the Mini-shop and Plymouth Rock bistro and outdoor terrace. We will happily serve your needs for hiking and trekking maps, information on Val d’Or and her surroundings, laundry coins, post cards and stamps. You may also place your reservations for Plymouth Rock bistro and morning bakery service here.

Yes, from Easter to Oktober 1,  our bistro is open. During high season we offer a small menu in our restaurant. There are snacks and pizza for take away. We also serve coffee, ice cream, other beverages and even hot snacks at our bistro or at the outdoor terrace. During low season, you may also collect your fast food orders at the bistro.

From April 1 to November 1, we open the cafeteria. The cafeteria is located in between the main entrance driveway and the reception. If you’re not in the mood to cook, we’ll gladly don our chef’s hat to serve you a variety of hot snacks, homemade chicken satay, fried fish filets, spring rolls, or even whole grilled chicken with fries and salad! Your orders can be made to eat here or take away.

Yes, we serve a selection of fresh baked bread available everyday. Please place your orders for the next day at our front desk or in our Val d’Or-app.

Our reception also features a mini-shop, offering an assortment of coffee & tea, sweet sandwich spreads, fresh cheese and meat cuts, fresh milk and deserts, but also candy, toys and household items. We also offer you the finest Luxembourg beers and wines as listed on our Plymouth Rock bistro menu.

Beyond our Mini-shop you can have your pick of local supermarkets, most notably the ALDI and Cactus at Marnach. The Marnach strip also offers a biological food store, ATM / cash machine, gas station and post office.

We offer a high standard recycling and waste repository. We are also connected to the Eco- label in Luxembourg. Through the containers, next to the reception, the campsite owner and guests separate different kinds waste: 

  • Blue = paper and cardboard
  • Yellow = plastic bottles and vial, metal containers and beverage cartons.
  • Brown little bin = organic and bio degradable waste
  • Green = Glass. A glass repository is available across from the main entrance on the left hand side.
  • Grey = residual waste
  • In te reception: Empty gass bottles - broken electric machines -  Spray-bottles - empty batteries - iron trash - corks from winebottles can all be brought in the reception

Yes, we offer free wifi all across Val d’Or on the network called Wifitenne Val d’Or. This wifi-network supports 4G connectivity and has great range across the valley. Please note the network efficiency may decrease when many users connect simultaneously, such as during high season.

Sadly we cannot yet offer accommodations or facilities tailored to such specific needs. The larger sanitary facilities for both ladies and gentlemen is wheelchair-accessible.

We have a separate babyroom with a bath, that is open during the months of March untill October. The baby room has a counter that features both a bath-sized sink and a dressing pillow. There are also larger shower rooms available for both women and men, allowing a guardian or parent to shower together with his/her child.

It is not possible to rent a season-long place with us..

We do not offer bike rentals on our campsite, but in Wiltz is the nearest bike- rental. It is to be found here: https://www.wiltz.lu/de/tourismus/sehenwurdigkeiten-und-aktivitaten/sport-freizeit/rent-a-bike-ardennes There are also electric bikes, normal bikes and mountainbikes. At the reception we offer information regarding your rental needs. In Wiltz several biking and mountain biking routes start directly from both there and Val d’Or itself.

Our camping features a separate washing and a tumble drying machine, which you can use for a fee. We offer proper laundry detergent at the machine itself. Please be advised that during high season you may need to check machine availability beforehand at our front desk.

We offer a public freezer where you can place cooling elements and other freezing items. Please place your name on your belongings to avoid mix-ups with other guests. We cannot take responsibility nor liability for damage to or loss of cooling elements or any other belonging placed in the public freezer.

You are allowed to use a barbeque or fire bowl on site, under certain safety and ecological constraints. Please take care in installing your barbeque or fire bowl, taking your own and other guests’ safety as priority. When in doubt, please consult us before proceeding to light an installation. For the well being of the grass and soil, any installation must be spaced at least 15 centimeters (6”) above the soil. You may also use a solid bedding of rocks or tiles to protect the earth, and place your installation on top of this bedding.

At the heart of the valley we have installed a covered terrace with a central fire bowl and four surrounding picnic tables. You can barbeque and grill to your heart’s delight, and the broad, 3+ feet fire bowl is dedicated to wood fires only (no charcoal bricks or other means). You can borrow barbeque and grill racks at the front desk in exchange for a small deposit. Return your rack to us scrubbed shiny clean and your deposit comes back your way. With our permission you may also use the fire bowl for camp fires only. We cannot assume responsibility nor liability for any use of the barbeque racks and fire bowl; please yours and others safety into consideration.

At the nearby sporting field, we also have a dedicated, bordered outdoor fireplace. We regularly host a camp fire at this location at our own responsibility and you are free to use this fireplace yourself, yet again we cannot assume responsibility nor liability for unsupervised use by guests or others.

During the May and summer holiday we have a professional children’s animation team for your family. Each week features a new theme and the lively characters of Elle, Izzi and Otto will come around each weekday to take your children for a fun creative or sporting activity. Whether sunshine or rain, there’s guaranteed fun for all ages.

Every sunday during high (summer) season we host a christian gathering on the field next to our camp site, as well as a Sing-Inn for lovers of music and song.

Sadly we cannot offer a swimming pool. There is the river Clerve running through Val d’Or, inviting you for paddling your feet in the cool water, catch small fish and building little watersheds. Please be advised, though the river is ever-flowing / never stagnant water, it is not an official Luxembourg. swimming body of water.

We do not allow fishing at Val d’Or but would like to direct you to camp site Reilerweier. There you can rent a fishing rod and catch many kinds of fish, amongst others trout. You can reach it with a fifteen minute drive and require no fishing license to join. See www.reilerweier.lu for more information.

At camp site Du Nord you can fish directly in the magnificent Sure river. A thirty minute drive will get you there and you are required to buy a fishing license on the spot. See https://www.campingdunord.lu/nl/camping/vissen/ ) for more information.

The local Aqua Nat’Our swimming pool is the closest indoor pool available. It is characterized by a tasteful design and ease of supervision for parents and guardians. A mere fifteen minutes by car, see www.aquanatour.lu for information on opening hours and fees.

There is also an outdoor pool at camping Kaul, at Wiltz. This camp site has a separate fee for pool-only quests and is about fifteen minutes away by car.

At the village of Weiswampach there is a wonderful manmade lake with beach area. You can rent pedalos and life jackets here. Located West of the village center, at the Weilwerdangerstroos, it can be reached via a twenty five minute car ride.

Right behind Esch-sur-Sure is the nearest natural body of water. South of the local camp site and next to the hydroelectric dam. Swimming is allowed at multiple places along the lakefront and can be reached via a thirty minute drive. Please navigate your route towards the villages of Liefrange or Lultzhausen.

The river Sure is the perfect place to go canoeing in sunny condition. The nearest canoe rental is Ronn’s Bikes & Kayaks at Wallendorf Pont, offering kayaks and single- or double-person canoes. The route along the river Sure is about 14 kilometers downstream. Please book prior to your trip during the high season to be certain of availability. For more information, see http://kanuverleihaufdersauer.de/

About ten kilometers away from Val d’Or, you can visit the Total gas station at the village of Marnach to refill your gas tank. For LPG, please visit the Gulf gas station at the Hosingen main road, also ten kilometers away. Please beware that most gas stations are closed on Sundays.

For electric charging, you can come to our Parking place on the south side of the campsite. If this is already taken, please see www.chargy.lu for more charging stations.

You can best visit Luxemburg City via train for a lovely day of shopping and strolling, or visit one of the shopping malls at Pommerloch (http://www.knaufshopping.lu/pommerloch/ ) or at Topaze (https://www.topaze.lu/). See the websites for product and store assortment.

There is a railway right alongside the camping. Only 1,5 kilometers away is the nearest train station, the Wilwerwiltz station, where we can pick you up for free. If you would like this, please get in contact with us at least 5 days ahaid of your arrival, to make an appointment with us about your arrival and our pick up- service.
All public transport is free in Luxembourg. For more information, see https://www.mobiliteit.lu/ . At the moment there runs no train due to maintenance-work. Normally there is a train from each side passing every half hour. 

The nearest general physician or doctor’s post is Dr. Meijers in Marnach. You can easily book an appointment at www.doctena.lu or have a look at other physicians. Docter Meijers speaks German and French, and also understands English.

The nearest hospital and emergency care unit (LU: Premier Secours) is the Centre Hospitalier du Nord at the village of Wiltz. This is abbreviated to CHDN Wiltz. Be mindful that there are two locations, one in Wiltz and one in Ettelbruck. Both locations have basic command of German, English and French. The Wiltz address is:

Centre Hospitalier du Nord, Wiltz
10, Rue Grand Duchesse Charlotte
9515 Wiltz

Tel.: 00352 – 8166 9

The emergency care unit (Premier Secours) in Wiltz is CLOSED:

  • at night between 20:00 and 08:00 (Monday through Friday)
  • and between 18:00 and 10:00 (Saturday - Sunday)

The emergency care unit (Premier Secours) in Ettelbruck is open 24/7 and located at:

Centre Hospitalier du Nord, Ettelbruck
120, avenue Salentiny
L-9080 Ettelbruck

Tel.: 00352 – 8166 1.

The official language is Luxembourgs and contains a mixture of French, German and Dutch words and grammar. The language of conduct is usually French, but in our Northern region there are also many German speaking locals.

Luxembourg knows the following national holidays, in addition to the Christian holidays:

  • May 1st Labour Day
  • May 9th Europe Day
  • June 23rd Grand Duke’s birthday
  • August 15th Ascension of Mother Mary
  • November 1st All Saint’s Day

Please be advised that stores, gas stations and other points of interest maintain special opening hours or close completely during such days, as well as Sundays. Check the internet to see opening hours for locations you would like to visit. Public transportation does operate on national holidays but runs on a reduced time table.

Enjoy Luxembourg


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